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Macaw parrot adoption | Free

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Macaws are king-sized members of the parrot family and have typical parrot features. Their large, strong, curved beaks are designed to crush nuts and seeds. Their strong, agile toes are used like hands to grasp things. Loud, screeching and squawking voices help make their presence known in dense rain forests. They are also famous for their bright colors, which seem bold and conspicuous to us but actually blend in well with the green leaves, red and yellow fruits, and bluish shadows of the forest homes.


Nobel Macaw


Red-Bellied Macaw


 Scarlet Macaw


 Red-Fronted Macaw


 Severe Macaw


Yellow-Collared Macaw


Hahns Macaw


Blue-Gold Macaw


Buffons Macaw


 Greenwinged Macaw


 Hyacinth Macaw


Llligers Macaw


 Military Macaw


 Nobel Macaw



Macaws are built to fly through the trees in the forest, with a streamlined body and tail shape and wings that don’t flap deeply. When they come in for a landing, they drop their tail and feet downward and use their wings like brakes to slow down before grasping a perch with their feet. Most macaws nest in holes of trees or in earthen banks and cliff sides.


Macaws are intelligent and curious birds that like to explore and keep busy. They are very aware of their surroundings, which is necessary to keep watch for predators. As social birds, they spend a lot of time interacting with their mates and their family groups. Macaws have been known to use items as tools, and they like to play with interesting objects they find. They exam the objects from different angles, moving them with their feet, testing them with their tongue, and tossing them around. Macaws are also big chewers, so****ing they need to do to keep their beaks in good shape. They can do impressive damage to even very hard wood with their beaks. Most macaw species like to take baths, and they play in the water as they splash around.



Screaming is a natural call for macaws. They do it to make contact with one another, to define territory, and even as part of their play. Their calls can be quite earsplitting to humans! Macaws can also imitate sounds, and macaws that live with or near humans often repeat words they hear, practicing to themselves until they get it right.

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